Our Mission

Historic Kingston Waterfront Revival is pleased to introduce its barge accessible waterfront assemblages in the deep water harbor of Kingston, NY. We own four (4) assemblages in Kingston, NY which total some 100 acres, of which 33 acres are along almost two (2) miles of waterfront in the geographical heart of the Hudson River Valley and located in a Federal Opportunity Zone.

Moreover, our fleet of four (4) historic WWII PT Boats (of only twelve survivors) are currently located at the Cornell Building on the Rondout Waterfront awaiting restoration.  Our fleet contains the historically significant PT 48 which saw more WWII combat than any other PT Boat.  The bulkhead related and infrastructure improvements, that go along with the proposed construction could facilitate the restoration project of these vessels at the Cornell Building site on the Kingston Waterfront and help turn the waterfront into a destination for historic maritime related activities. 

Additionally, we are working on a project located at 181-207 E Strand called the “The Cornell Pavillion”.  It is projected to be a multi-use structure that will provide parking, entertainment, additional PT Boat repair and other mixed uses

Located 1 hour and 40 minutes by car from Times Square in New York City, the two main assemblages lie on the north side of Kingston Harbor in the historic Rondout district of Kingston, with barge access to the Hudson River. These areas are the focus of coordinated public investment by the State of New York and new initiatives by the Federal government. 

We are seeking to develop our unique properties into multi use sites with a public waterfront access component. We are proceeding in full accordance with the Local Waterfront Development Plan, the Generic Environmental Impact Study and the Kingston Masterplan.

This project is potentially transformational for the region – Kingston Harbor can become the gem of the Hudson River Valley.


Mixed use opportunities for retail, hotel and residential development


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